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  • Jeff Arnal presents his new trio SILVER ASH with the release of an unusually rocky 7” vinyl on Generate Records (gen17).
  • Berlin’s indefatigable label SCHRAUM released two new CDs: No. 12 is entitled ‘favoriten’. The duet ‘inien’ (Axel Haller and Johannes Tröndle) produce finely balanced, unheard sound situations, rather than pieces, on ‘cello and electric bass. ‘If you think Kronos Quartet is too mainstream, this may be one to check out.’ (Chain D.L.K.) On their third release the duet ‘rant’ (Merle Bennett and Torsten Papenheim) offer a consequent refinement of the minimalistic elements of jazz, rock and songwriting, which make their music so distinctively beautiful; schraum No.13 is entitled ‘land’.
  • Another Suisse release, this time by a Berlin-based musician: Because of the outstanding collaboration with THOMAS REHNERT for the realisation of my compositions for violin and synthesizers it is a special pleasure to present his first solo CD ‘’, released on Suisse label DUMPF, at oaksmus! Rehnert’s concepts of using modular analogue synthesizers in highly complex interlacing, as an auto-poetic music machine, result in a very original, gripping music, to which I know no analogy neither in ancient nor contemporary sound synthesis.
  • With ‘Acoustic Solo Percussion Vol. 4’, Swiss percussionist Christian Wolfarth has completed his series of solo 7“ vinyls on hiddenbell records. These outstanding gems are now available at OAKSMUS!
  • Note the special offer with all four vinyls in a pack!
  • Berlin-based label Schraum is all-time present at oaksmus. The latest release is CD no.11: ’subsurface’ by German-Canadian trio Nils Ostendorf/Philip Zoubek/Philippe Lauzier, already highly acclaimed by international reviewers.
  • “Jeff Arnal is one of the premier improvising drummer/percussionists on the globe”, writes Glenn Astarita. New York-based independent label Generate Records celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2009! Read the comprehensive interview with Jeff Arnal from the August issue of All About Jazz, New York. ALL releases on Generate Records are now available at oaksmus. Our limited Birthday Special Offer: all releases by Jeff Arnal and Generate Records, including the three new 7” vinyl treasures, for only € 200.00 !
  • 3x fresh vinyl on brokenresearch: ATLAS CLOUD QUARTET with Mêlée and Joe Morris, SREWED & CHOPPED from the Graveyards, and double LP WEIGHT / COUNTERWEIGHT with grand master Bill Dixon, Aaron Siegel, and Ben Hall. ‘The musicians associated with Michigan’s Brokenresearch label have done more to advance the language of free jazz over the past five years than any of the more lauded players of their generation’, writes David Keenan.
  • ‘An outrageous Gesamtkunstwerk made from sound & fury, chants, images, role play and provocation, from supra-pop & after-classic, as you can expect it only from WALTER & SABRINA’, thus describes Rigobert Dittmann the latest production of the London-based duo. TWO TALES – THE TWILIGHT OF WALTER & SABRINA, a CD, a comprehensive booklet, and a book of 164 pages, all in a slipcase, is the glorious conclusion (of this phase?) of the collaboration between Walter Cardew & Stephen Moore. In their honour we offer the complete works, from Walter & Sabrina Play Pop / Play Classical (1994) until Two Tales (2009) in a Special Pack W&S !
  • schraum CD no.10: The debut album of Vienna duo nörz has been released in November 2009 on Berlin-based label schraum. The music on (also known as) acker velvet was created with compositorial, as well as improvisatorial material - fitting perfectly into the concept of the label; which by the way, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year.
  • British label MUSICNOW releases the double CD ‘Gracility’ with early works by Laurie Scott Baker, companion of Cornelius Cardew’s from Scratch Orchestra to People’s Liberation Music. Featuring Derek Bailey, Keith Rowe, Gavin Bryars, Evan Parker, Jamie Muir, John Tilbury and Baker himself, these original recordings now made available shine with viridity and veracity!
  • schraum CD number eight is released: „discard hidden layers?“ is a tricky, multi-layered project by Lars Scherzberg (alto and sopranino sax), John Hughes (double bass), and Nicolas Wiese (sampler & computer), the latter using exclusively acoustic material of his two partners for his own electro-acoustic contribution!
  • Hidden stocks uncovered! Last copies of several brokenresearch releases are now newly available at oaksmus: Vinyl LP „Mêlée: Bare Those Excellent Teeth Vol.II“, CD „Traum: Cinder blocks“, CD „Traum: Raw Sense of Humor“, and CD „Hell and Bunny with Greg Kelley: Burn It Down For The Nails“. New and for the first time at oaksmus: CD „Mêlée with Aaron Siegel“!
  • Double CD „demons!“ – an extensive co-production of Walter & Sabrina with the Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble on Stephen Moore’s eloquent, nihilistic poetry. Danny Dark Records also published the lyrics booklet, produced for recording sessions in May 2008 which brought together the London based Art Rock duo with the Ensemble in Berlin, in a limited, hand-numbered and signed edition.
  • CD “Jung Ahh Fleisch” – a new, uncompromising release by Walter & Sabrina on Danny Dark Records. The Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble can be heard in two pieces. In a way, “Jung Ahh Fleisch” forms a transition between Walter & Sabrina’s “We Sing for the Future” and the new double CD “demons!”
  • Stephen Moore: “demons!” – the lyrics booklet for recording sessions which brought together London based Art Rock duo Walter & Sabrina with the Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble in Berlin, May 2008. Limited, hand-numbered and signed edition of Danny Dark Records. Also you can order Danny Dark Records T-shirts now!.
  • DVD Crog: “Wär’ ich aus China, würde man mich verstehen” (Were I from China I would be understood) – a filmed portrait of composer Christoph Ogiermann by Monika B.Beyer.
  • 7“ Clear Vinyl EP (45rpm): GASTR DEL SOL – TWENTY SONGS LESS. Gastr del Sol was one of the most critically acclaimed experimental groups of the last decade founded by David Grubbs [Bastro, The Red Krayola], converting conventional rock music into intricate and sophisticated tone patterns. Likewise, Jim O'Rourke [Brise Glace, Sonic Youth], Bundy K. Brown [Tortoise] and John McEntire [Bastro, Tortoise] were involved in this luxurious recording. This re-issue has been released on the amiable Czeck label Minority Records.
  • CD schraum7: sieben mal solo. This production, in a conceptually convincing way, brings together solo performances of seven very individual and internationally acclaimed protagonists of experimental music: Dave Bennett, Axel Haller, Paul Hubweber, Christian Marien, Lars Scherzberg, Ute Völker and Sabine Vogel

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