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Jonny Axelsson and Ivo Nilsson: two Swedish virtuosos of outstanding musicianship!




Jonny Axelsson plays Volans & Sharman

Kevin Volans: Asanga (1997) / Akrodha (1998, revised 2004) / She who sleeps with a small blanket (1985) / Rodney Sharman: Apollo’s Touch (1992)
+ Quicktime movie: Jonny Axelsson performing Volans’ Akrodha at Wigmore Hall, London (video by Peter O’Kennedy)


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Jonny Axelsson – percussion solo

total duration: 63:05 + Quicktime movie 13:59

CD produced by Jonny Axelsson 2008

item no.: japr001
retail price € 16,90

This CD not only proves the breathtaking virtuosity and completely unpretentious musicality of Swedish percussionist Jonny Axelsson, it also opens a wonderful access to the polyrhythmic world of South African composer Kevin Volans. A good completion is Rodney Sharman’s composition „Apollo’s Touch“, a bit feldman-ish in its way, quiet, beautiful, for mallets only. The most unusual bonus is Peter O’Kennedy’s video of the performance of “Akrodha” at Wigmore Hall: Axelsson’s face, filmed by a camera steadily attached to his head, is projected to a screen on stage: You see Jonny dancing around those many drums below his highly expressive face with only the room behind moving! An excerpt can be found here:
Kevin Volans on working with Jonny Axelsson:
„I have worked with Jonny Axelsson over a number of years. I wrote Akrodha for him in 1998. As often the case with percussion music, the piece was written blind: the first draft is little more than a proposal to the percussionist, who lets the composer know what is impossible and what isn’t. Despite working with percussion for many years, I have always underestimated both the players’ abilities and the demands I make upon them. What would appear as a fairly moderate piece for keyboard is amplified a hundredfold in difficulty and effect when translated into drum music. When I first arrived in Sweden to work with Jonny he asked me to wait while he warmed up. I doubled up with mirth, delighted and some embarrassment when I heard what sounded like a whole tribe of drummers going wild in the next room. I had, it turned out, written an unspeakably difficult piece, and Jonny, without a murmur, had followed my demands to the letter.”



Axelsson & Nilsson Duo
+ Musica Vitae

Leilei Tian: Jubilee-Jubilate (2007) for trombone, percussion and string orchestra / From Amen to Amen (2006) for trombone and percussion / Roaring in the clouds (2007) for trombone and percussion / Volker Staub: Nordost (2007) for trombone and percussion / Axelsson & Nilsson: Rikoschett (2006-2007) concerto grosso for percussion, trombone and string orchestra


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Ivo Nilsson – trombone, Jonny Axelsson – percussion
Musica Vitae String Orchestra, conducted by Michael Bartosch

total duration: 61:21

CD published on Chamber Sound 2010

item no.: CSCD10042
retail price: € 16,90

The Axelsson & Nilsson Duo started performing together in 1990 with a concert at the Gothenburg Concert Hall with a performance of "Earth" by the English composer Richard Barrett. Since then the duo has developed on their own a unique repertoire written directly for them through commissions and collaborations with composers. In the concert programmes you can find a great sensibility in their choice of repertoire; a concert with the Axelsson & Nilsson Duo is always well thought out and is characterized by a strong overall impression.
The duo works on a regular basis and their concert activity includes tours all over Europe, USA and Russia. They have been invited to international festivals such as "Darmstadt Ferienkurse für Neue Musik", "Alternativa" in Moscow, "Formlos" in Leipzig, "Time of Music" in Viitasaari, "Beyond 440 Hertz" in Los Angeles, "Spazio Musica" in Cagliari and "Two days & nights" in Odessa. Except the recordings for radio and TV in Sweden and abroad, the Axelsson & Nilsson Duo has also done several recordings with different record labels. In 1997 they released a CD with Swedish duos written especially for them. NORDOST is their second CD portrait with music by Leilei Tian, Nilsson/Axelsson and Volker Staub. The duo plays two double concertos together with the String Orchestra Musica Vitae.



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