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Frog Peak Collaborations Project
62 composers, 115 pieces on a sound/text by Chris Mann.

CD 1: Roger Alsap / Rik Rue / Dennis Báthory-Kitsz / Han-earl Park / Adam Silverman / John Phillips / Warren Burt / Ebony Hack / Rainer Linz / Lulu Ong / Carter Scholz / Kent Clelland / Ashley Scott / Tim Prezzano / Elizabeth Hinkle-Turner / Doug Michael / David Wardle / Paul Doornbush / Lawrence Fritts / Ernie Althoff and Graeme Davis / Fernando Iazzetta / Nick Fortunato / Petri Kuljuntausta / Roger Dean / Jon Nelson / Steven Miller / Trojan Theatre / Brian Belet / Mickey Helms / Paul Rosas / Bob Pearson

CD A: Paul Luevano / Ted Apel / Paul Dibley / Ricardo Dal Farra / Philo T. Farnesworth / Huk Don Phun / Maggi Payne / James Bohn / John Richey / Joseph R. DeFazio / Arun Chandra / Herbert Brün / Herb Jercher / Mark Porcaro / Larry Polansky / Charles Grafton Hawthorne / Tyler “Speedboy” Kingdom / Larry Polansky / D’Arcy Philip Gray / Steven Curtin / Kristine Burns / David Fenech / Peggy Madden / Alessandro Fogar / Carter Scholz / Dennis Miller / Timothy Horrigan / douglas repetto / David Hirst / Akira Rabelais / Andrew Bucksbarg / Eric Lyon / original soundfile


total duration CD 1: 68:00 / total duration CD A: 69:21

item no.: FP007
2 CDs, retail price: 20,50

The Frog Peak Music Collaborations Project: An Invitation
September 11, 1996
Frog Peak Music (A Compsers’ Collective) invites all composers to compose a short piece (about 1 minute long) based on a 66 second soundfile of a text written and read by Chris Mann.

Conceived by Larry Polansky and Chris Mann for Frog Peak Music. The source file was recorded in Victoria, Australia, August, 1997. Booklet includes notes by all composers.



Impossible Rags
Richard Povall

Impossible Rags (1992-95): Swipesy Cakewalk / Coon Hollow Capers / from an Unknown Fragment / Blue Goose Rag



Ragtime deconstructed! Music for two Disklaviers, realised on two SampleCells using Digidesign’s Yamaha CD samples.

Enclosure (1995)
Richard Povall – live electronics
This is a recording of a performance at Dartington College of Arts, UK

total duration: 49:55

item no.: FP005
retail price: 15,40




Thump Music
the THUMP piano duo

Paul Marquardt: Test Pattern
Eric Lyon: Bonko Bonzo
Eric Richards: The Unravelling Of The Field
Robert Constable: Games Of Desire
Paul Paccione: Continuum
Drew Krause: BARK


Drew Krause – piano
Paul Marquardt – piano

recorded June through September 1994 in the Foellinger Great Hall, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Urbana, Illinois, by Rex Anderson.

total duration: 67:52

item no.: FP003
retail price: 15,40

The THUMP piano duo (Drew Krause and Paul Marquardt) was formed in 1988. Its repertoire includes over 50 works for solo and duo piano, piano with electronics, and piano four hands. Both members have written and arranged music for the duo. THUMP has performed works by Stravinsky, Messiaen, Stockhausen, Cage, Feldman, Kagel, and others, and has commissioned a number of new works.



Larry Polansky

Bedhaya Guthrie/Bedhaya Sadra (1989-90) / Choir/Empi’s Solo (1997) / The Casten Variation (1993-94) / Three Anna Studies (1993-95) / 51 Melodies (1991) / Piano Study #5 (For Just Fender Rhodes, 1977)



Larry Polansky – Central Javanese pelog gendér, kemanak, electric guitar, retuned Fender Rhodes electric piano
Sarah Cahill – piano
Daniel Goode – clarinet, kemanak
Marie Pauline-Esguerra – voice
Anna Diamond Polansky – voice
Eleanor Wilson – voice
Nick Didkovsky – electric guitar
Greg Anderson – electric bass
Leo Ciesa – drums

total duration: 58:12

item no.: ART1023
retail price: 15,40

A collection of instrumental and electronic works by Larry Polansky, several of them composed with a computer using formal, mathematical, and software morphing techniques. The composer refers to these works as his 'morphing pieces' and they all explore musical change in diverse and strange ways. The various compositions include music for Western and Indonesian instruments, voices and computer, solo piano, electric guitar and rock band.


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