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Daiguo Li – Ji Shen Miao de Shang Shang Qian

Seven pieces, composed by Daiguo Li


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Li Daiguo - pipa, viola, piri, (korean oboe like instrument), mbira, kouxian (mouth harps), overtone singing, hulusi, clarinet, suona, prepared kantele
Liang Yiyuan - prepared guitar, violin, yang qin, mouth harp, gongs, yue qin, voice

published in September 2011 on Demo Dance Records, China
total duration: 41:12

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This is a surprisingly gripping set of pieces by Chinese pipa and viola master and multi-instrumentalist Daiguo Li. His background both in European classical and in Chinese traditional music, his curiosity and high inventiveness in exploring unusual forms and performance techniques result in a unique work of clear texture and great poetry. His partner for these recordings is no less versatile musician Liang Yiyuan.

Ji Shen Miao was recorded over a period of 1 year from 2009-2010 in Guangzhou and Yunnan. Most structures were fleshed out and recorded on violin, pipa, and guitar with strings loosened and objects stuck in between strings. Later woodwinds and voices were added.

Li Daiguo is an improviser, composer, and street musician currently living in Chengdu, Sichuan China. His most frequently used instruments and skill are violin, viola, cello, pipa, nanyin pipa, huqin (including erhu, sihu,banhu erxuan), ethnic flutes (xiao, nan-xiao (shakuhachi), hulusi, koudi, bawu), Zimbabwean mbira, kalimba, clarinet, human beatboxing, high and low overtone throat singing. Chinese American born in Oklahoma, he started formal training at the age of 5 in western classical music (violin, viola, cello, bass) and later at the age of 15 in traditional Chinese music (erhu, pipa). In university he began to explore a variety of world music (Finnish, Carnatic Indian, etc.), improvisation and New Music as a Violin Performance and Literature major at San Diego State University.

Liang Yi Yuan is an avant-garde composer and performer in China whose background is in composition for Chinese pop songs and commissions for religious ceremonial music from Buddhist temples in China. His primary instruments are guitar and violin, and his aesthetic and life focuses are on perversion and spirituality. He performs throughout China and lives in Lijiang, Yunnan.


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