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Ochre Land, Blue Blue Skies / Grand Surface Noise Opera Nr. 7
Crawling With Tarts

Ochre Land, Blue Blue Skies / Grand Surface Noise Opera Nr.7: The Decadent Opera (Rococo)


Pogus Productions 2006
total duration: 66:03

item no.: pogus 21039
retail price € 15,40

Ochre Land, Blue Blue Skies. (34:04). Composed by Michael Gendreau (1996-7), incorporating conceptual information from Suzanne Dycus-Gendreau. Instruments designed by Michael Gendreau and Suzanne Dycus-Gendreau. Grand Surface Noise Opera Nr. 7: The Decadent Opera (Rococo). (35:02). Composed by Suzanne Dycus-Gendreau and Michael Gendreau (1994).
Long overdue, long promised release. This may be the last Tarts track (and opera) and one of the first solo composed Gendreau recordings. Or I could be making that all up. Anyway, wonderful music and sounds - it is a Crawling With Tarts opera and OLBBS is a killer.
A musician since age 6, Gendreau went along to work with several group organizations, culminating in Crawling With Tarts (1983-1998), and using this group as a medium (along with the various uses made of it by co-founder Suzanne Dycus) for work in elementalism, attention to temporal and environmental persistence, and eventually, applications of parataxis. These final studies included the use of small motors and turntable mechanisms, mostly performing with one-off transcription discs cast by others in the middle of the last century, or cut in Gendreau's studio using a decrepit lathe. More recently, in composition and performance, Gendreau has sought to enlarge these later studies, adding physical parameters of performance spaces (as a point of reference, based on studies in physics completed in 1989 and current work as an acoustician-primarily working on low-vibration design in buildings and noise impact to optical research apparatus in the infrasonic to audible frequency range) as a language within the paratactic structures that form his compositions.




Rex Xhu Ping
If, Bwana (Al Margolis)

Natraj / Frog Field / Tattooed Love Muffins / Oy vey, Angie / Cicada #5: Version Bohman / Quaderni



New Al Margolis compositions for tapes, electronics, voice, drones.
Rex Xhu Ping (pronounced rex shoe ping) features Margolis (tapes, electronics, clarinet, and sundries), Laura Biagi (vocals), Dan Andreana (speaker, tapes), Detta Andreana (tapes, bowed cymbals), and Orchestre de Fou .

Pogus Productions 2005
total duration: 66:03

item no.: pogus 21038
retail price: € 15,40

A recent review of Margolis’s work says: "Let it be declared that Al Margolis/If, Bwana is some sort of evil genius working with raw materials which are never adapted to a genre or a context, because they create one in that very moment. Those sources are radically altered up to an utterly unrecognizable state, anarchic manifestations moving in compact determination." (Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes)



Analogue Smoque
Hamilton / Silverton / Margolis

CD 1: A rift in the ceiling. / A keyhole for peeking. / Laundering butt floss. / Asbestos abatement, that closer to health. / Fire and ice and a reliable chronometer. / The enchanted kielbasa. / Yanking anchors, shoulder dislocations. / Exchanging anvils, broken toes.
CD 2: The clouds, to whom do they belong? / He can’t take you with him. / A cozy place by the crevasse. / If a tree falls on a conscript…. / Five, alive and thriving. / But absent a spleen. / Terminal euphoria.



Tom Hamilton – sounds, assemblage, Mike Silverton – text, voice,
Al Magolis – sounds

Pogus Productions 2003
total duration CD1: 49:17 / total duration CD2: 52:18

item no.: pogus 21029
2 CDs, retail price: 17,80

"Analogue Smoque's deportment owes much to Dada, which positions it some 85 years late for lunch. The work's disjunct, shard-like character looks in significant measure to the manner in which it came together as a pastiche of youthful bits." -- Mike Silverton

A surreal stew of story and sounds, Analogue Smoque joins poet and La Folia honcho Mike Silverton's non-transactional prose with music, electronic and otherwise, by Tom Hamilton and Al Margolis. Sounds combine with, highlight and ignore Silverton's ramble, which in turn ignores the rational world.
Tom Hamilton has composed and performed electronic music for over 30 years. Rather than addressing traditional modes of presentation and observation, Hamilton prefers to explore interaction and simultaneity as aspects of "present-time listening" on both the performers' and listeners' parts.
Mike Silverton will only say that "At first blush, the alert listener detects a link between Analogue Smoque and Madam Blavatsky. The magi demur. Rather, they say, the text reveals its author's interest in cryptorchidistics, i.e., states of non-descent."
Al Margolis has been working with electronics/sounds since New Year's Day 1984. His work can best be described as "sound fingerpainting."




I, Angelica
If, Bwana (Al Margolis)

CD1 Nick Nack: Furry (1998) / Satind Farms Far Piano (1998) / The Railway Station Fire (1992) / Quad or Knee? (2001) / Hoffman, Bored (1997) / Guitars by Al (1997)

CD2 Paddy Whack: Fantastic Literature 3 (2001) / Walking Der Dog (1999) / Day Back (1999) / Goo Pond (2000

all compositions by Al Margolis


Al Margolis (chorus, guitar, computer, tapes, manipulations, Arp 2600, Moog Rogue, steel cello)
with appearances by Adam Klein (vocal), Mike Hoffman (piano), Dan Andreana, Detta Andreana, Debbie Goldberg (chorus), Ted the dog (walking)

Pogus Productions 2001
total duration CD1: 63:30 / total duration CD2: 58:01

item no.: pogus 21024
2 CDs, retail price: 20,40

"Into the rackets are ya, punk?" "Yeah, that's my story and I'm sticking to it." "Get outta here, ya punk." I headed down the steps and out the front door. "!@#$%^&* nogood goddamn !@#$%^&* noisemaker," I heard them mutter behind my back. (wow - I always wanted to write one of these). Yeah, I'm one of them.
So there you have it. I, Angelica, the noisy loud new double If, Bwana cd - trying to clear a backlog of recordings out - at a not double cd price. I, Angelica should be played loud. Real loud. Works for computer, electronics, voice (?), guitars, synthesizers.
Oh. So what else is there to say when a new If, Bwana cd comes out other than: "AAaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..."





No Mo
Pauline Oliveros


No Mo (1966) / Something Else (1966) / Bog Road (1967)



Elektroacoustic works by Pauline Oliveros

Pogus Productions 2001
total duration: 63:52

item no.: pogus 21023
retail price: 15,40

"In the summer of 1966 I worked in the classical Electronic Music Studio at the University of Toronto for six weeks. The system I used to create No Mo and Something Else consisted of Layfette tone generators, noise source and tape delay. In the Fall of 1966 I was the newly appointed director of the Mills Tape Music Center formerly the San Francisco Tape Music Center and now the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College. Bog Road was created at the Mills Tape Music Center in the Summer of 1967 with the Buchla Series 100 Box. The studio overlooked a pond where frogs were singing a chorus that inspired a series of Bog pieces." Pauline Oliveros



Ways of the Voice
Leo Kupper

Rezas Populares do Brazil / Anamak / Amkéa / Annazone



Anna Maria Kieffer – mezzo soprano
Leo Kupper – composition and mix

With a comprehensive booklet (English, French, Portuguese) about the music’s background, as well as the compositional and vocal techniques employed.

Pogus Productions 1999
total duration: 61:12

item no.: pogus 21018
retail price: 15,40

Rezas Populares do Brasil, Anamak, Amkéa and Annazone, are vocal works. All the sounds on this disc originate with the Brazilian singer Anna Maria Kieffer. Two works, Anamak and Amkéa, have an "orchestral accompaniment", composed of tropical bird songs. Making use of elements of electroacoustic music and sound poetry, the music expresses wonder at Brazil's tropical beauty and, ultimately, an intense love of the abstraction of words and musical forms.

Leo Kupper was born in Belgium in 1935. He worked with Henri Pousseur at the first electronic music studio in Belgium and is founder and director of the "Studio de Recherches et de Structurations Electroniques Auditives" in Brussels.




Travels of the Spider
Electroacoustic Music from Argentina

Seven electroacoustic works by five young Argentinian composers:
Daniel Schachter: Tiempo Quebrado (1993)
Ricardo Dal Farra: …Due Giorni Dopo (1988)
Martín Alejandro Fumarola: Callejuelas (1996)
Alejandro Iglesias-Rossi: Ascención (1998)
Ricardo Dal Farra: Ashram (1991), with Joseph Celli – mukha veena
Teodoro Cromberg: Marimbágenes (1996), with Angel Frette – marimba
Martín Alejandro Fumarola: El peregrinar de la araña (1995)



Pogus Productions 1998
total duration: 57:54

item no.: pogus 21015
retail price: € 15,40




Objekt 2
Rune Lindblad


A rare classic of electroacoustic music!

Rune Lindblad’s strange compositions from the years 1962-1988

Objekt 2 op.25 / Plasibenpius op.30 / Hälften av någonting op.38 / Frage op.59 / Tora op.67 / Maskinlandskap op.122 / Innan konsert op.190 / Lagun i uppror op.197 / Dimstråk op.203


Pogus Productions 1988/1998
total duration: 68:42

item no.: pogus 21014
retail price: € 15,40

Volume 2 of the music of RUNE LINDBLAD (1923-1991). This cd consists of the remainder of the long out of print Radium double lp. These works cover the years 1962-1988. Lindblad, a Swede began composing music in 1953. Ignored by the musical establishment in Stockholm, Rune went his own merry way, composing over 200 works of electronic music. Limited in the early years to often primitive equipment, he carved out his own musical niche. The sounds were often raw, occasionally scary.




Tripping India
If, Bwana (Al Margolis)

3 Out of 4 Ain’t Bad for 3 pianos and tape / PR-DR for 2 manipulated percussionists / Triiping India an audio travelogue, with manipulated percussionists



Al Margolis: assemblage, processing, and manipulation of the following source material:
Dan and Detta Andreana – their wanderings, committed to tape
Detta Andreana, Paul Marotta, Anthony Scafide – pianos
Danielle Reddick, Paul Richards - percussion

Pogus Productions 1997
total duration: 61:14

item no.: pogus 21013
retail price: € 15,40

Consisting of 3 compositions, TRIPPING INDIA is the 3rd IF, BWANA release on Pogus. On this recording If, Bwana is joined by, among others, Paul Marotta (Styrenes/Electric Eels/Mirrors) on 3 Out of 4 Ain't Bad, a conceptual work for 3 different pianists, playing 3 different pianos at 3 different times to the same tape. The final version is for 3 pianists, no tape. PR-DR is an electroacoustic work for processed/manipulated percussion. The title piece combines audio "snapshots" of a wandering through India with multiple tracks of manipulated and processed drums and percussion. The end result is an "audio travelogue for 2 (highly) manipulated percussionists."




Death of the Moon
Rune Lindblad

A rare classic of electroacoustic music!

Rune Lindblad’s strange compositions from the years 1953-1960

Party op.1 / Månens Död (Death of the Moon) op.2 / Fragment 0 op.3 / Fragment 1 op.4 / Fragment 2 op.5 / Evening op.7 / Nocturne op.10 / Optica 1 op.16


Pogus Productions 1997
total duration: 73:52

item no.: pogus 21011
retail price: € 15,40

This disc is a reissue of lps on Pogus and Radium. Rune Lindblad (1923-1991) was an early pioneer in electronic and concrète music. Lindblad did not see these genres as mutually exclusive. Important and wonderful works by a composer who represented no institutionalized school of thought. At a concert in 1957, the critics called his music "pure torture." With a recommendation like that, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?




Greatest Hits and Test Tones
Big City Orchestra

five greatest hits:
arms and legs
(originally recorded 1980) / have you seen me (originally recorded 1989) / middle class (originally recorded 1981) / pedestrian beat (first recorded BCO piece 1979) / fiend, master freak (originally recorded 1984)
four test tones:
(arranged by John Duncan) / the door must be stuck (arranged by Brook Hinton) / strange experience (arranged by Monte Cazazza) / hearing mud dry (arranged by G. X. Jupitter-Larsen)
and the



greatest hits participants:
Alan Herrick (egg whisk), Brook Hinton (keyboards), Daevid Allen (voice, guitar), dAS (voice, etc), David Gardner (voice), Jonathan Segel (string section), Mark Robson (djeridoo, piano), Mic Gendreau (percussion), Robo (sampler, voice, percussion), Rob Wortman (strings, percussion), T-Bone Juju (voice), Markus Wolff (percussion)

Pogus Productions 1993
total duration: 55:31

item no.: pogus 21005
retail price: € 15,40




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