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schlechte - piano solo
1. land 4 uhr / 2. 1 ½ / 3. 4 / 4. 5 / 5. 5 1 ½ / 6. ½ + / 7. schnur / 8. draht / 9. holz


Marit Schlechte – piano solo
recorded by Arne Junker at Uwarton Studio, Stuttgart, on July 3rd, 2004

total duration: 39:43


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On her first solo CD, published on NURNICHTNUR, German pianist Marit Schlechte assembles nine tracks: six compositions played on the keyboard are completed with three compositions which use exclusively the inside of the piano. Each piece of this very conceptual music represents a sound picture which seems static on the outside but is, in fact, quite lively in itself. They emulate monochrome paintings which are interlarded with all kinds of grass and earthy crumbs. The beholder may grasp the whole picture at a glimpse but with a knowing and loving eye, will also slowly follow all those sticky vegetable remains, feel its surface with tender hands, and re-compose new pictures with the structures emerging from colour over and over again. It is playing on the edge. Her source material are short motives and intervals which are employed and repeated consciously. Repetitions are altered just in the moment when they start manifesting themselves. A balancing act between unleashed motor activity and construction


by oaksmus