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Wär’ ich aus China, würde man mich verstehen
Christoph Ogiermann

(Were I from China I would be understood – the composer Christoph Ogiermann)
a Monika B. Beyer film


In the course of the film you can see Ogiermann playing together with:
Arion Ensemble Lübeck, Gunnar Brandt-Sigurdsson, Erik Drescher, Nils Gerold, Reinhart Hammerschmidt, Lilian van Haußen, Michael Henneberg, Katarina Höcker, Christiane Hossfeld, Thomas Hummel, Michael Lüdicke, Heiko Müller, Michael H. Rohde, Theater blasse tasse im West Germany, Tim Schomacker, Uli Sobota, Vladimir Tarasov, Daniel Plewe, Pohlschröder, Jennifer Walshe, Dan Warburton, Hainer Wörmann
and working with video artist Daniel Kötter

48 minutes
language: German

idea, screenplay, photography, editing: Monika B. Beyer
with the support of Filmbüro Bremen

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There is no limit to the receptivity, the capacity to understand, of every single human being.
Christoph Ogiermann (*1967)

Over two years Monika B. Beyer followed composer, violinist and performer Christoph Ogiermann with her camera: to rehearsals and sessions, interviews and performances, oscillating between Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Dresden, and Bremen. Gently and, as necessary, brusquely, this filmed portrait approaches the search for expressive forms, the calculated feedback of action and reflection – and successfully translates the quest and questions of the Ogiermann Cosmos into a convincing visual composition.

I have seen quite a few filmed portraits of musicians, especially composers. Usually those portraits make the composers, and their respective work, seem even more bloodlessly academical than they already are. Not this one. Monika B. Beyer’s film gets closer to just this always left-out link between the personality and the existential urge of the artist’s aesthetic doings, than any other.


by oaksmus