concert history and photo gallery

Top Floor Encounter (CD om000818)
Lars Scherzberg (D) – alto saxophone
John Hughes (USA) - double bass
Jeff Arnal (USA) - percussion


Violăo de dois (CD om010202)
Chico Mello (BRA) - guitars, vocals etc.
Silvia Ocougne (BRA) - guitars, vocals etc.


March 30, 2001

Wolfgang Fuchs solo (D)
contrabass clarinet, bass clarinet, sopranino saxophone


June 30, 2001

Werner Dickel (D) - Viola solo
works by Karl-Heinz Ahrens, Brett Dean, Andreas Fervers,
Marc Lingk (wp), and Bernd Alois Zimmermann


September 29, 2001

Ladino - tradición y modernidad
Yahli Toren (IL) - vocals
Tobias Rüger (D) - tenor saxophone


February 16, 2002

The Dylan Thomas Songbook (UA)
music by Andreas Raseghi
Birthe Bendixen (D) - vocals


May 25, 2002

"Now that this has been done it will never have to be done again #5"
Serge Baghdassarians (D) - guitar, electronics
Boris Baltschun (D) - sampler


June 29, 2002

The Voice Meeting
Phil Minton (GB) - vocals
Alex Nowitz (D) - vocals
plus special guest: Paul Dutton (CDN) - vocals


November 9, 2002

Tripwire in Berlin
Lars Scherzberg (D) - alto saxophone
John Hughes (USA) - double bass
Jeff Arnal (USA) - percussion


April 5, 2003

Fernanda Farah (BRA) – vocals, props, performance
Chico Mello (BRA) – vocals, guitar


June 7, 2003

Giancarlo Locatelli solo (I)
clarinet, alto clarinet, bass clarinet


November 1st, 2003

Für Peter
Astrid Weins – double bass (D)
guest: Gerhard Uebele – violin (D)

November 29, 2003

Randstückphantasie and Borges’ Memory
Berthold Türcke – composer (D)
A chamber music portrait with ensemble epiton:
Frank Lunte – soprano saxophone
Silvia Freund – vocals
Theodor Flindell – violin
Berthold Tuercke – vocals

April 3, 2004

My body has become a trombone
Vinko Globokar solo (SLO) performs his own compositions for trombone, alp horn, etc.



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