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  • The long awaited CD of the PAIL BUG quartet on Generate Records is finally available! PAIL BUG came into being through the long-lived collaboration between New York-based percussionist Jeff Arnal and Berlin-based pianist and composer Dietrich Eichmann. The duo has been joined by double bassists Astrid Weins and John Hughes in December 2009. Swiss composer Alfred Knüsel described the synthesis of jazz, improvisation and avant-garde composition as ‘Music on a Volcano’!
  • A surprisingly gripping CD of Chinese pipa master and multi instrumentalist Daiguo Li, is now available at oaksmus – exclusively in Europe! Daiguo’s background both in European classical and in Chinese traditional music, his curiosity and high inventiveness in exploring unusual forms and performance techniques result in a unique work of clear texture and great poetry. His partner for these recordings is no less versatile musician Liang Yiyuan.
  • Schraum CD no.14 arrived! German brass players Roland Spieth and Carl Ludwig Hübsch encounter French percussion trio Suboko, featuring Pascal Gully, Regreb, and Bouto. ‘Quite an exciting release this one, one that grows every time you play it’, writes Dutch ‘Vital Weekly’. Find out for yourself!
  • Percussionist Jonny Axelsson and trombonist Ivo Nilsson are two Swedish virtuosos of outstanding musicianship whose CDs are now available at oaksmus! The duo portrait “NORDOST” presents them also as composers, next to exemplary interpretations of works by Volker Staub and Leilei Tian. An unusual bonus on “Jonny Axelsson plays Volans and Sharman” is Peter O’Kennedy’s video of the performance of Kevin Volans’ “Akrodha” at Wigmore Hall: Axelsson’s face, filmed by a camera steadily attached to his head, is projected to a screen on stage: You see Jonny dancing around those many drums below his highly expressive face with only the room behind moving!

Controversial, strange, and dark: Art Rock by Walter & Sabrina on Danny Dark Records! The unusual productions of London-based label Danny Dark Records are available at Oaksmus. Danny Dark Records was established in 2006 to promote the music of Walter & Sabrina and related projects, as well as scores and recordings by Cornelius Cardew (1936-1981).

Especially interesting for collectors and amateurs of vinyl records and fine, handmade, limited editions :
Oaksmus distributes Detroit-based label brokenresearch exclusively in Europe!
Since 2005, brokenresearch release LPs and CD-Rs in strictly limited editions. The musical range embraces exquisit improvised and instantaneous music as well as Underground and Drone. Almost all back releases are out of stock! In Europe small quantities of all new releases are available exclusively at oaksmus!
We are happy to announce that one of the latest releases presents the successful duo Jeff Arnal & Dietrich Eichmann for the first time on vinyl!
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